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Homemade Dehydrated Treats

There are so many types of commercial treats for pets out in the market to choose from that we are often spoilt for choice. Fish, Beef, Chicken, Duck. Mint or strawberry flavoured...But we don't really know what goes into the treats. 

Many commercial dog treats contain ingredients and additives that are unhealthy for our dogs, leading to various issues like allergic reactions and health conditions. Emma once had severely inflamed skin after snacking on a dental chew that contained wheat and corn which worsened her Schnauzer bumps, causing her to scratch furiously and resulting in a raw skin. ( A blend of purification and lavender in V-6 oil helped to soothe the itchiness and redness to improve her condition afterwards ).

A friend gave us some chicken treats one day and the dogs loved them ! We then decided on making our own and went hunting for a dehydrator. There were quite a number of brands to choose from then. For us it was either the Severin, the Rommelsbacher DA750 Dörrautomat or the Ezi Dry. The Severin is a basic model but we didn't like it that it does not have a temperature moderator nor a timer. The Rommelsbacher was a little too pricey for us so it was the EzyDry then. 

The Ezi Dry / Ezidri Ultra FD1000 or The Ezi Dry / Ezidri Snackmaker FD500. The only difference to us was that the FD1000 has a temperature adjustor from 30 to 65 degrees celcius while the FD500 snackmaker has three preset temperatures at low ( 35 degrees celcius ), medium ( 50-55 degrees celcius ), and high ( 60 degrees celcius ). We eventually settled on the snackmaker, which has been serving up healthy and delicious homemade snacks for the furry ones. - dried cinnamon apples, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, beef jerky, liver treats, minced meat patties and chewy tendon. 

Homemade dehydrated treats are healthier, non-processed choices, with intense original flavour and so convenient and easy to make with so many different recipes that we could try. The dogs just love they treats we make. It takes about 8 - 10 hours to make the treats. We usually start in the early morning about 8am and by the evening, the treats are ready.

We paid a little for the dehyrator and it takes some effort to wash and cut up the raw ingredients but it is always so satisfying, seeing their happy faces whenever the smell comes out from the dehydrator and knowing that they are getting healthy and wholesome food.


The Ezydri snackmaker, FD500

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