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Essential Oils For Pets

Like us, animals are resilient beings, made with natural defence mechanisms in their body to fight illnesses and diseases. They are capable of self-healing and internal repair to mend injuries and torn muscles and ligament. The key - maintain a strong and healthy immune system so that bacteria and viruses do not get into their bodies easily and if they are under attack, they are able to produce anti-bodies to fight and eliminate the viruses.

Since a friend started us on essential oils, we swear by the amazing benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils and have been using them on the dogs as well, diluted with water or coconut oil in food. We use only therapeutic grade oils which exist naturally in plants and so do not contain chemicals and harmful side effects. Essential oils are very high in anti-oxidants which improve the body's ability to heal, thus boosting the immune system.

A drop of lemon in warm water every morning starts us on the day revitalized and uplifted with the zesty fragrance. Lemon is a tonic for supporting the nervous system and a powerful anti-oxidant, according to researches. We put a drop in the dogs' water dish every day and the dogs love the taste. Their bad breath have improved as well.

Lavender is another oil that we keep in the house. It has great healing properties on cuts and abrasions, disinfect the scalp and skin while also known to help release nervous tension and in inducing sleep with its calming and relaxing scent. We find it works well to soothe Emma's Schnauzer bumps and calms Saffie when she is edgy. 

Geranium smells great and is an immunity booster and works wonders for repelling insects. We put a drop each on the dogs' tail to keep ticks at bay before their walk each day and they are generally free from tick bites

 A very good reference guide to essential oils for animals.

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