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The Journey Begins...

One of the things that we love looking out for while shopping is pet products. From leashes and harnesses, toys, snacks, accessories, grooming essentials and wearables, to animal themed knick knacks for the animal lovers. A quirky piece of accessory, an outfit or a household ornament.

For us, pet shops are such fascinating places to visit that we can spend hours in them. Some of those we have visited while overseas carry the most fanciful products that are just too cute and lovely to resist. Like most pet owners, we would buy various items for our fur babies and we would ask ourselves if the items are safe or suitable for them. The objective is always to find products that would be beneficial to the well-being of our dogs, comfortable and safe to use on them, practical and affordable. Often though, we cannot find the ones that we really want locally.

And this is how the idea For Pets' Sake all started because of them.

So the journey begins...

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