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Saffie, Prince and Emma

Saffie, at eight years old, was given up by her previous owner who, for whatever reasons, decided that they did not want to or could not keep her anymore.

Keeping a pet is a life time commitment that one should not make in any moment of impetuosity. It is a responsibility. One cannot just abandon one's pet and walk away from this responsibility like one would discard a piece of belonging because our pets are so vulnerable and so helpless. They look up to us, depend on us and love us so unconditionally. We are the world to them. To abandon them to fend for themselves is akin to leaving them to die. We are glad that her previous owner made attempts to look for another home for her and we are thankful we found her.

A little of a diva with an unpredictable temperament, this Bichon Frise is sometimes quite a challenge and clearly has a mind of her own. She has been well trained and is very intelligent. She seems to understand when we talk to her and would sit up to cock her head left and right when she hears something of interest to her.. such as " food " and " go ". She used to love to stand on her hind legs and make a "begging" gesture with her front paws. An action that endears her to many. The older members of the family are particularly thrilled to see her do that but a habit that has hurt her hind limbs over the years and which I have stopped.

Next came the poodle, rescued from the puppy mill. My darling Prince was a scrawny little boy when he came to us. All skin and bones and without much fur, one could hardly recognize him as a dog. He was critically ill and needed regular visits to the vet. He had multiple issues and taking care of him then was emotionally and physically draining because he had to be watched over constantly lest he suffered a bruise which, we were told, could be life threatening. He has come a long way and blossomed into a Princely handsome boy who is always bringing us a toy to play fetch !

Then Emma the Mini-Schnauzer came along. Another one from the breeding farm, Emma is the sweetest little girl. She loves to come up to us and put a paw on our legs and our hearts would melt, seeing her pretty eyes. Always the one who gives in to her friends, ever so docile and always the peace maker between the other two. 

We are so blessed to have them in our lives. No one can understand what this means, except another dog lover....

The furbabies on an outing to the beach. Guess what got their attention :)....

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